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Working with the car industry to deliver next generation Control Unit Technology

Automotive Electrical Engineering Specialists

Tumarc is focused on supplying specialist engineers to the automotive industry in Europe. Our core activities are centred on End of Line (EoL) testing of in-vehicle electronic systems in a vehicle in automotive assembly plants, Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Electrical Engineering. We work at numerous stages of the development lifecycle, from specifying the functionality of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), testing the software of prototype samples, and, when installed in early pre-production vehicles, ensuring they conform to the necessary standards. We also configure and test ECUs when a vehicle is in production, ensuring that they interact with other ECUs, systems, components and sensors in the correct manner, and report faults accurately.

Tumarc Work Directly With Motor Manufacturers And Their Suppliers

Tumarc have a team of engineers working in automotive assembly plants and engineering centres throughout Europe. Our engineers perform various roles, including System Engineering, Integration Engineering, Diagnostics Engineering, Feature Engineering, Quality Engineering, Project Control and Delivery, Project Management, and Documentation Control. We also provide engineering and IT support for production critical automated systems testing ECUs in automotive assembly plants.

Long Term Commitment

We have a proven track record of providing our clients with high quality, experienced engineers who have the dedication and commitment to work on long term projects for their entire duration. We are keen to fully integrate our engineers with the client’s own employees to create a strong and successful team.

You Have A Choice In The Engineer You Work With

When we work with a client our first priority is to ensure our engineer has the right skill set for a particular project, and is a good fit for your team. We will not assign an engineer to work with you unless you are happy with their profile, experience, expertise and general suitability for the role.

To find out how we could help you with your automotive electrical engineering requirements please call us on +44 (0)208 731 4525 to speak to an Account Manager, or see the contacts page for further options

Alternatively e-mail your job specification to and we will contact you

Services Summary

A summary of the services currently offered by Tumarc is given below. Please refer to the Services pages for more details.

End of Line (EoL) Assembly Testing

Expert Configuration And Testing Of ECUs

Tumarc engineering teams operate throughout manufacturing automotive assembly plants across Europe, configuring and testing a multitude of electronic components on the in-vehicle network. These include Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Electrical modules.

ECU Development Engineering

Development of Electrical Components For Future Models

We also have engineers located in Design and Research centres working on the next generation of ECUs that will be in future models. These engineers offer Powertrain, Body, Chassis, Electrical and Electronic systems engineering, specification and testing, as well as numerous other calibration and diagnostic services.

The Benefits Of Working With Tumarc

Tumarc offer all our clients the following advantages:

  • A small company offering a flexible service to our clients — we can tailor our offering to your needs
  • Experienced engineers, able to kick start your projects — we can "hit the ground running", generating faster results
  • Locations and engineers throughout Europe — we always seek to employ local engineers, but our team is willing to travel when necessary
  • We offer our clients fully employed engineers, not contractors — this provides long term stability, and the base from which we build broad expertise
  • Administration and Account Managers based in Europe — to maximise responsiveness to our clients

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