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Electronic Control Units — Development, Calibration, Configuration & Testing

Tumarc offers a number of engineering services with a focus on the development of Electronic Control Units, and the configuration and testing of a suite of ECUs on a vehicle network at the end of an assembly line.


On Board Application Testing

Tumarc is involved in the quality assurance process for vehicle production, very early in the vehicle life cycle. Our engineers assist as the vehicle module design is tested, during the complete vehicle pre-production phase and throughout the vehicle production lifecycle.

Electronic modules are dedicated computers that control specific parts of a larger system. For example a vehicle will have a Powertrain Control Module (PCM), which may control the fuel pump, engine fan, electronic throttle, etc. The module content of vehicles is constantly increasing. In 1992, a single vehicle would typically have 4 modules. In 2000, it was more common to see a vehicle with 12. There is now in excess of 20 modules per vehicle on the medium sized vehicle lines, across the automotive industry.

Modules can be tested in isolation, or as part of a larger system — such as a vehicle network interacting with various sub systems. Tumarc can test modules in both of these states. In the production environment, the modules are in assembled vehicles and are normally tested at the 'end of the line'. This allows Tumarc to check that the module is functioning as expected (known as a self test) and also to interact with other devices and systems. When tested in isolation, the module compliance can be tested against a specification to ensure it supports all the required functionality and performs as expected.

End of Line (EoL) Assembly Testing

Vehicle Diagnostics Experts

'End of Line' is the phrase given to the testing of vehicles after they have been assembled, but before they leave the production plant. A whole range of vehicle tests are performed at the 'End of Line'; Tumarc engineers specialise in the testing and configuration of electronic modules.

Our team analyse the modules on a vehicle, then sequence and calibrate tests to check the quality of these modules and configure them if necessary. Tumarc engineers have experience in this area that helps ensure an optimum solution to the testing requirement. Where possible, tests are run in parallel to optimise cycle time.

ECU Development Engineering

Specification And Validation Of Control Systems

Tumarc engineers are involved in the project management of introducing new Powertrain, Body, or Chassis modules into future vehicle lines. Typically we will be involved in the capturing of information about the ECU, developing and reviewing the specifications, validating prototype samples and feeding back results to the development teams, and ultimately seeing the ECU launch on a vehicle.

If necessary our engineers can analyse test systems to ensure they are capable of testing and configuring the module and determining whether new test procedures are required. Once the test system has been proved capable of supporting the new module, Tumarc engineers will be involved in data analysis to help set limits and parameters, for the test system to use.

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